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The Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in England

Outdoor weddings are the ultimate picture-perfect. Imagine tying the knot with the background sunset or the dreamy summer atmosphere. It allows you to be in a magical moment. To make everything possible, locating the right outdoor venue is essential. The venue can either enhance such ambiance or take away. This article will highlight the six best outdoor wedding venues in England.

Fforest Pembrokeshire Area

If the theme of your wedding is a rustic feel, then getting married in Fforest is the best place to do it. The two hundred acre farm is available at your disposal. The area is surrounded by river, on-site tipis and beautiful woods

You will get a tiny pub and a private sauna that will help make this day memorable.

Moddershall Oaks Area

This is a country retreat in Staffordshire. It is naturally beautiful and therefore suitable for a memorable ceremony. You will set out your event near the lake, ensuring you bask in what nature has to offer. This is among the best outdoor wedding venues for couples that appreciate the beauty of nature.

Forester Park in Essex Area

If you are amazed by nature and the countryside, getting married in Forester Park in Essex is the best choice. It provides countryside ambiances that let couples have a variety of themed weddings to choose from.

For instance, you can go for an intimate wedding ceremony inside the retreat or outdoors for a grader affair. At the same time, some have the opportunity to have a classic banquet. You get to go for what you like. The best thing is that this venue is affordable.

The Lost Orangery in Wiltshire

The location is perfect for pictures when holding outdoor wedding venues. The place is perfect for couples that love that summer vibe and luxury marquee. It also offers a beautiful terraces, an ideal lawn, and a maze of a beautiful garden. Perfect place for picnics.

Temple Island in Oxfordshire

Do you want an island wedding? Well, Temple island  in Oxfordshire offers an awesome ambiance for outdoor events. Surrounded by the stretches of river Thames, it provides a vast temple structure and riverside lawns.

You will have to access the area with boats, which make the whole wedding experience more memorable and worthy.

Larmer Tree Gardens

The garden dates back to 1880 and is surrounded by quirky buildings. You can drink on Pimms in the summer months and wine in cooler months. Furthermore, The Victorian pleasure garden has peacocks that freely roam around the area. Who wouldn’t want to set a wedding venue here?

Final Thoughts

If you are an outdoorsy person, you will want to check the aforementioned outdoor wedding venues for your special event. They provide the right amenities to make your outdoor wedding more spectacular. Before setting your mind to one, look at each of them to get the one that stands out to you. Remember you always have a wider choice of outdoor venues in England. All you need to do is make the right choice.