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Wedding gifts should be memorable and be gifted with love. A Jewish wedding is no foreign to traditions, and they are very fondly followed. It is not easy to come up with the perfect wedding gift most of the time. So the best idea is to find something dear to them. In this blog, the expert planner for Jewish weddings in London will highlight some useful gift ideas for Jewish weddings.

Here are some top wedding gift ideas for a Jewish Wedding

Grape Wine

Wine, especially grape wine, is a traditional drink for many Jewish families. It is used in almost every significant event, including weddings. If you are buying wine specifically for a Jewish wedding, you should make sure to pick up a bottle of Kosher wine.

Scented Candles

Though it is an unusual gift idea, candles hold a special significance in Jewish traditions and events. For example; Shabbat, a day of rest, is celebrated with candles. The scented candles will not only light their house but also give them a pleasant aroma.

Cookware Set

The Jewish culture is full of cuisines and feasts, so it is evident that cooking is being done frequently, so a great cookware set could be a good gift!

Wall Art

A good art for the wall is always a good idea for home decoration. It makes the room vivid and lively.

Something Vintage

For a traditional Jewish wedding, an antique or vintage gift may be a perfect fit. Go to an antique shop and look for things that could fit well in a new home.

A Good Perfume

Everyone loves a good-scented perfume or fragrance – and it always makes a good gift no matter the occasion!


It could be anything – a bracelet or a necklace, and it does not necessarily have to be gifted to both and it doesn’t always have to be expensive (but you can’t go wrong with shiny!) It depends on who you are close with.

A Book

If you are into this gift idea, then you have many options. A book with a touch of romance is like the cherry on the icing and very fitting for a wedding!

Personalised Gift Hamper

Since you received the wedding invitation, it is definitely because you know them. Select a few favourite things of the couple and nicely arrange them.

Find a Good Store for the Gift

Go to the store you usually buy from, as it is risky to get the gift from a new store. And before proceeding to purchase/order the gift item, check the quality and durability.


Unwrapping wedding gifts is one of the most exciting parts of a wedding. Every close friend and relative of the bride and groom are gathered for this purpose. Even if it is a small thing, a gift wrapped with love is accepted wholeheartedly.