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How to get the most out of your sound and lighting

Weddings can be stressful to organise and, more importantly, fund. Once the ‘I do’s’ have been said, it’s time to party! Lighting and sound are the two things that need to be thoroughly thought out because they are more a functional element of your wedding than something fun. The mere presence or even the absence of sound and lighting can completely change the look and feel of your wedding and everything you’ve planned.

At Events By Natasha, we’re here to offer advice, tips and guidance to enhance your sound and lighting as much as possible during your wedding day!

Everyone looks forward to letting their hair down after saying ‘I do’; there’s nothing like getting all your friends and family together to celebrate the happiest day of your life.

This makes it a little bit more important to make sure you achieve the most out of your sound and lighting package, with a reliable team helping you to create the perfect evening.

Sound and lighting are things you need to plan well in advance; we’re here to help you make sure you’re getting everything you’ve paid for and more.


Lighting is very versatile and there are lots of ideas you can explore; you might be thinking, why is this important? If done right, your wedding lighting will illuminate everything perfectly throughout the day and night. The perfect lighting can add an ambience to your wedding and potentially surprise you with how effective it can be. Lighting packages for weddings go way beyond how your day looks in the photos; it’s pretty essential to know how it can transform your venue and decor. Regardless of the colour palette, you have planned, or how your venue is laid out, lighting could be what brings the whole day to life. The best possible lighting setup can ensure that everyone at the wedding is focused on what’s important at the right moments. Think about making Chuppahs magical and enchanting and your dinner or dance to enhance the venue room, tables and dancefloor.


The sound and what music you use is a huge part of the atmosphere at your wedding reception. Apart from removing the stress of choosing a playlist, a band with a sound package will have played hundreds of events and always has that superhuman way of reading a room. Most bands have a profile on social media, like Facebook or Instagram; it might be worth browsing through their images and videos of previous parties to see what they offer. Remember that you shouldn’t choose your entertainment solely based on price; you’re bound to have a budget; however, you could be disappointed if you go for the cheapest option. Bands are invaluable when it comes to wedding parties and the industry is broad, so you’ll have a fair amount of options to choose from. If possible try and them at a live event, some bands offer showcase evenings for clients to come and watch. Go with who excites you and who makes you want to get up and dance!

Just as music controls the mood and energy of a dancing crowd, lighting affects the ambience of the entire evening. Hopefully, these tips have helped you think a bit deeper about the sound and lighting for your wedding. If you need help with these, why not get in touch with Events By Natasha today?

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