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Top tips for your wedding band

One of the most exciting parts of your wedding plans is choosing your Jewish wedding band. Choosing the right music or band can get quite stressful when it comes to what will suit your wedding, personal style and ultimately your budget.

Depending on your preference, there are lots of ways you can personalise your Chuppah entrance. There are lots of Israeli songs to choose from, ask your Rabbi or Chazzan to give you some ideas. Or, if you have a few bands in mind they may suggest some songs which can help you decide which band to go with.

Some like the band to start a countdown just before you enter and go straight into Israeli dancing. Some couples like to run under feather or ribbon covered arches their friends hold up, symbolising a new entrance into their marriage together, either to a fun pop song or an Israeli song. Whichever you decide, your friends and family will be welcoming you with immense excitement.

There are many options to choose from during your wedding, but the music is often described as the most important part of the Jewish Wedding entertainment. At Events By Natasha, we’re here to help you pick the perfect wedding band and music.

Research the Type of Music You Want To Include

It might be a good idea to research the types of music usually played at Jewish weddings and watch videos for further inspiration. With a Jewish wedding band, they will know exactly which music to include to suit your style and theme.

Music for Every Part of Your Day

Keep in mind that you may want your music theme to change as the day goes by. If you hire a traditional band they will be able to play traditional music in different ways and potentially, they can add in some fun twists all with your guidance. From day to night, they can create a great atmosphere throughout your special day.

Hire a Live Wedding Band

This is the age-old marriage ceremony argument: band or DJ? One thing to think about is how the music or live band will sound. Hiring a Jewish Wedding band allows you to have your favourite songs played, giving you and your guests a unique experience. In contrast, a DJ or a DJ Live may possibly playing pre-recorded versions of traditional songs.

Traditional Ceremony Music

Potentially the hardest part of selecting music is choosing your Chuppah music for when guests arrive at the Chuppah to wait for the procession to start. Traditional ceremony music can create an intimate mood and an authentic feel to your Chuppah. Vocalists with one or two musicians can give you the option to choose from traditional songs and your own favourite love songs. Adding your own personal touches can really make the day extra special, not just for you but for your guests too!

Music for the Wedding Processional

Choosing wedding music for your processional can take some thinking about, but even if you’ve got a huge list of guests, the procession goes pretty quickly, and there may only be enough time for one song until the entrance of the bride. One idea is to choose a song specifically for the wedding party and family processional, then a different song for the bride, groom, or couple processional, allowing you to add more personalisation to your day.

The Hora Dance Tradition or Israeli dancing

The hora tradition is definitely one part of your wedding that is better with a live band, it shouldn’t increase the price of your overall band cost and is highly recommended as you won’t be cut off by a 10 minute track, it can go for as long as you like with live vocalists and musicians…which is the best part! It’s also the perfect way to include all your friends and family – even those who have never experienced the craziness of Israeli dancing! It’s a fantastic way to create an exuberant atmosphere.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tailor the Traditions.

Wedding planning in London can be a very personal thing, but not everyone loves to abide by tradition. Maybe do some research and see what else you can adapt to fit your theme or add your own twists into the mix. Once you have added your personalised elements it will make your wedding, perfect for you.