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An Interview with Jonathan Bremner

I’ve known Jonathan for about five years and every time he performs with a popular wedding showband, he has the knack of encouraging guests onto the dancefloor before they even find their seat. Charming, engaging, endearing and for me, a pleasure to work with. I wanted to know from his point of view why he loves performing, especially singing and what advice he would give to couples when choosing their wedding entertainment, such as bands and musicians.

Quick fire questions for Jonathan Bremner – Wedding singer and musician

Who you are and what you do?

I’m Jonathan Bremner and I’m a singing, songwriting, piano playing, acting, rugby playing entertainer! I love what I do and I am fortunate to do what I love!

What is the last thing you bought on Amazon?

A full hazmat suit so I could give my mum a hug on my 40th birthday a few weeks ago.  It was so emotional I should of brought arm bands and swimming goggles as well. 

What is the last TV show you binged on?

The Last Dance about Michael Jordan and the Bulls…. I’m a huge sportsman and fan and it was inspiring to see.  If you haven’t watched it – do 🙂 

What would you be doing today if you weren’t in lockdown?

If I wasn’t in lock down I’d be doing what I would normally do on a week night; going to the gym and spending time in my studio writing film score, which is one of my projects at the moment. 

What is the best thing that’s come out of lockdown for you?

Best thing to come out of lockdown was; my surprise 40th birthday that my partner made for me. I came downstairs to find my house totally transformed with balloons and hundreds of photos of friends and family decorated everywhere. We were meant to be celebrating in Italy but actually it couldn’t have been any better!

What is your lockdown guilty pleasure?

Grenade White chocolate spread, it’s epic!!!!!

What is your all time favourite song?

All time favourite song, “Mr Bojangles” what a tune!!! 

One thing that no one knows about you?

I can’t read music but taught myself piano at the age of eight and play by ear:) I also played Angels on a piano and Robbie sat next to me and sung it…(clang to the name drop.) 

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How did you get into the wedding entertainment industry?

I started hosting karaoke parties at a younger age and someone asked me to come sing at a wedding, the rest is history.

Which bands do you perform with and why do you like performing with them?

I sing for show bands here in the UK and show bands in France that enable me to sing all over the world which is very cool.  I’m so fortunate to be asked to sing for everyone that I do and love being on stage every single time. It feels like you are on stage with your best friends that are so talented and it’s amazing that we get to make people’s memories.

Why do you enjoy performing at Jewish weddings?

Jewish bands are a huge party!!! Right from the word go. The crowd becomes involved and everyone is just there to fill the dance floor and have a wonderful time.  The calibre of musicians in the bands I sing with are first class, it never feels like work.

When are your busiest months?

June to September is always packed, calms down for a few months and picks up again in the lead up to Christmas and New year. 

What are the most common first dance songs?

Ed Sheeran “Perfect” has been played a lot! I Love it. It’s an awesome song.

Which songs are dance floor pleasers?

The sing along songs always go down a treat!!!  “Don’t stop me know” by Queen, being one of my favourites, but then Freddie was a legend and it’s awesome to sing, even the high bits! 

What do you think makes a wedding different in terms of entertainment?

I think the band is key to a wedding.  The energy the band gives off and how they encourage the crowd’s involvement, for me, makes a huge difference.  It’s maintaining the connection with the crowd and knowing when to hype them up and when to pause, which keeps them wanting more.   I think if you can achieve this, the guests respond really well. 

What has been the most quirkiest or unique wedding you have performed at?

I’ve been fortunate to sing at so many weddings and one thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter the cost, it doesn’t matter the size, it’s all relative.  What makes a unique wedding is the people there, the other bits are the ingredients that add to it.   

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What can brides and grooms expect from your performance?

For me, there’s a balance of when and where to interact with the crowd. Whether I’m on my own or with a band, this is always something that is taken into consideration.  

It’s being able to read the crowd.  Timing the right moment to encourage the energy levels to increase and interact with the crowd and the Bride and Groom.  I feel that my experience helps to craft all of those things.  I love what I do and love being part of someone’s special day.

What is the best wedding entertainment act you have ever seen, alongside performing yourself?

I’ve Seen a lot of different acts.  From the singing waiters sketch to the amazing magicians that go around the tables.  I’ve also performed at a wedding with Bruno Mars, who was their main act!  

Some love the extras and some don’t, so I think it’s definitely each to their own of what suits their day, along with great songs.   

Is there anything else you want to add that could be helpful to couples when choosing their wedding entertainment?

Choosing your band

I think when couples choose a band they have to think what suits them.  It doesn’t always have to be the biggest band, or the most expensive, it has to be what they like.  Make sure you see the band in action at some point. Whether it’s at a wedding, gig or some bands often perform their own showcase, where the invite clients to watch and enjoy them for a whole set, you can make a night of it. If you really like what you see and their vibe then its worth speaking to them.  

Choosing your music

Music is really important for a wedding in my view. You want great people on stage that will help run your day to make the entertainment as amazing as possible.  Also, when it comes to music, don’t worry too much about picking every single song that you want the band to play.  Good musicians and bands perform at amazing events week in and week out, they have a huge amount of experience and will know what works and doesn’t work with crowds.  

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Choose a few favourite songs that you love and obviously choose your first dance; maybe even the second one to get the party started.  However, no matter what songs you choose, there will always be some guests that may or may not love your song choices, you can’t please everyone.  Trust the band, or solo artist as they will normally have a huge experience in this as well.  

The music creates and the atmosphere, which will make your special day, amazing!


Photographer: Chiko photography


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