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Have you ever been late to any event and just stood there embarrassed and confused? Ushers are angels in disguise to exactly help us out of that situation. Wedding ushers may seem to be of trivial importance but has a prominent role.

Ushers, traditionally, plays the role to assist and direct people or guests in any event. The role of wedding ushers is not indifferent. They are majorly responsible for the smooth functioning of the wedding programme.

Wedding ushers help better organise the entire ceremony – before, during and after, reducing all kinds of confusion and mayhem. It is an honour to be an usher and should be held with the utmost respect.

Who should be the ushers?

Usually, close friends from the groom’s side are asked to be the wedding ushers. Both male and female can be ushers, though, male ushers are more common. Preference should be given to young, friendly people who can interact with the guests as they are the first to greet them. The first impression is the best impression indeed!

How should Ushers be dressed?

Ushers should be dressed neatly according to the theme of the wedding. This will help the guest identify and distinguish them. You don’t want to disappoint your guest as the representative of the wedding with wrinkled clothes!


You should arrive earlier than the assigned time and help organize whatever is left to be done.

Why do we need ushers? What are their duties?

Firstly, it is not an easy task. One needs to be physically fit and energetic. You never know who needs you when thus be active and always available. The London wedding planner will ensure that the ushers have specific duties to attend to on the wedding day. These duties may include:

Welcoming the guest

Welcome them with a charming smile and warmth, give them the  handouts. Making the guest feel comfortable is a job half done!

Leading the guest

Basic etiquette is essential. Ask the guest which side they are on and lead them to their designated seats (bride side on left and groom’s on the right). If the guest is a female, offer them your right arm.

Enlighten the guest on the itinerary

Sometimes guests might be in a dilemma as to locating things. Make sure to clarify their confusions and guide them towards the right way- reception hall, food table, washroom, etc.

Be alert

After all the guests are seated, ushers usually stand near the entry door. This is to make sure to assist the late arrivals. Make sure to inform the late guests to take their seats through the side of the aisle. Also, ushers should guide those needing extra assistance like older people or otherwise abled.

Parking attendants

A crucial role is to show the guest where they can park. This will remove any congestion or traffic.

Wedding ushers have to keep themselves updated with all the information about the event, know the VIPS, be amiable and hospitable. They should clarify any doubts at the wedding rehearsal itself. After the wedding, helping to clean up the venue is essential. Remember that the entire flow of the wedding depends on the way the ushers present themselves to the guest. Thus, don’t disappoint in this honourable role.