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Cakes never run out of fashion. What is a celebration without a cake? Have you ever asked your friends how the wedding cake looked like or tasted? The cake remains an essential element in any wedding. They add more beauty to the wedding celebration.

Here are some reasons why wedding cakes are still fashionable according to local Jewish wedding planner in London:


Cakes are the first thing that catches the guest’s attention at the wedding. It holds the power of elevating the entire wedding hall or location with more charm and beauty. Wedding cakes are the visual representation of any wedding. It enlivens the curiosity of the guest.

A story in itself!

Wedding cakes display the personalities or hold special meanings to either the bride or groom or both. Traditionally, it symbolised good luck and fortune. Nowadays, the cake reflects intimate and personal details related to the couple, like insignia of how they met, etc. It truly is the representation of the couple. The story it portrays is what truly distinguishes it from others.


The very reason why wedding cakes have never lost their essence over time is their flexibility. It doesn’t remain fixed to one peculiar design. Cakes tend to change, evolve, adapt and transition according to time and trends. Earlier, multi-tier cakes were common, but now people prefer more miniature cakes and so on. Customisation is the crux of all!

The cake is an art

With the ongoing competition among the bakers to showcase their creativity, wedding cakes seem to be the perfect platform. Bakers have become an artist. There has been a range of designs showcasing their artistic skills with the play of colours and flavours. This truly has made cakes more sophisticated and fashionable.

Here are the lists of a few fashionable wedding cake trends that will help you decide on your next big day:

Floral Cakes

It has been people’s favourite whether it be a birthday, a wedding or any

celebration. The intricate designs of edible flowers make it simple yet


Mini Cakes

Given the current circumstances, intimate weddings prefer mini or

single-tier cakes with beautiful toppings of macaroons, brownies, etc.

Hand-painted cakes

Cakes painted with edible colours is also doing the trends. It primarily reflects

one’s culture or some design holding special meaning to the couple.


Croquembouche is a traditional wedding cake in France. It is a cone-shaped tower filled with buns, choux or profiteroles. Though not a wedding cake, it can be used as a wedding cake alternative. Lately, its popularity has seen its resurgence.

Over the years, wedding cakes have evolved in their style, size, flavours and shapes. Nevertheless, the cake is still an inevitable component in weddings. In the present circumstance, it is the one thing that gives assurance and joy to the couple. Wedding cakes should resemble the couple. Choose what you prefer without caring for others views. The ongoing upsurge in wedding cake trends predicts that the cakes will remain in fashion for a long time.