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Arriving in style at your wedding is possible by selecting a beautiful wedding car. Taking a traditional or alternative mode of travel to your wedding will be appealing to modern brides. Whether you’re looking for the extravagant or the romantic, the traditional or the sophisticated, here is your gateway to wedding transportation inspiration as witnessed by a wedding planner in London.

Horse and Carriage

Those old-fashioned romantics at heart may have already considered arriving by horse and carriage at their wedding. But, when you make your way to your wedding, you’ll surely turn heads with this unique method of traveling. It will give you some fantastic wedding pictures as well as living your childhood fantasies!

Rowing boat

You should arrive by boat if your wedding is near water bodies. I think it’s a fun way to add a little extra romance to the day – before the ceremony even starts. But, of course, our favorite part about being transported by vintage rowing boat is the bride & bridesmaids arriving together.

Vintage car

Arriving in your wedding in a vintage car is a classic, understated, and classic way to make your wedding a memorable one. If you are unsure which model to choose, why not take your venue’s style as inspiration? A Bentley could be an excellent choice for a typical British wedding, whereas a vintage Nissan will suit an Italian affair.


Many taxi companies offer white wedding cars – they’ll even decorate the car for you – which are a great way to travel to your wedding.

Motorbike & Sidecar

You can rock your way to the venue by unleashing your inner petrol head. But, of course, it’s not for every bride to travel by motorbike and sidecar. Still, if you’re an easygoing bride who loves adrenaline over picture-perfect perfection, you’ll love the opportunity to make a statement!

On foot

Although not all brides have the kind of footwear that will allow them to walk long distances on their wedding day, brides often follow the music of traditional musicians as they make their way through the streets.

Luxury car

Take advantage of the opportunity to arrive by sleigh if your wedding will be held in the snow. A sleigh pulled by horses would be the perfect place to curl up all cozy under a soft blanket, looking like a princess.


Are you ready for the ultimate wedding arrival? Imagine yourself riding your gorgeous bridal dress side-by-side with your majesty on foot. Then, as you approach your wedding venue in the most elegant way possible, this kind of entrance will give your guests a truly memorable experience, not to mention create some fantastic wedding photos.


A helicopter landing at your wedding venue is among the most impressive experiences you can have if your budget is not a concern. Make sure your hairstyle is protected well in advance.


A limousine arrival at your wedding is more glam than anything else. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a few drinks on your way there, relax in comfort, calm your nerves, and look like a total rock star.