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Finding the perfect wedding gown is a pivotal moment in the wedding planning process, symbolising the realisation of dreams and the beginning of a new chapter. Events by Natasha, specialising in crafting unforgettable Jewish weddings in London, knows the importance of every detail in creating your special day, especially the wedding dress. Here’s your ultimate guide to wedding dress shopping, designed to make finding your dream gown a joyous and memorable journey.

1. Start Early

Begin your search for the perfect wedding dress at least 6-9 months before your wedding. This timeframe allows for browsing, fittings, alterations, and addressing any unexpected delays. Custom gowns may require even more lead time.

2. Set a Budget

Before stepping into a bridal shop, determine your dress budget, including alterations, accessories, and any additional costs. Communicate this budget clearly to your bridal consultant to ensure your selections are within your financial comfort zone.

3. Do Your Research

Explore different styles, fabrics, and silhouettes to get a sense of what you might like. Pinterest boards, bridal magazines, and wedding blogs are great resources. Consider the theme of your wedding, the location, and the time of year, as these factors can influence your choice of gown.

4. Limit Your Entourage

While it’s tempting to bring a large group of friends or family members for their opinions, too many voices can make the decision more difficult. Instead, choose one or two people who truly understand your personal style and whom you trust to give honest feedback.

5. Keep an Open Mind

Be open to trying on various styles, even those you hadn’t initially considered. Bridal consultants are experienced in matching body types with silhouettes, and you might be surprised by what looks best on you.

6. Consider Your Comfort

Remember, you’ll be wearing this gown for many hours. Beyond looking beautiful, you should feel comfortable and able to move freely. Consider the weight of the fabric, the fit, and how it suits the activities of your day, from the ceremony to the dance floor.

7. Pay Attention to Fit, Not Size

Wedding dress sizing can be significantly different from regular clothing sizes. Focus on finding a gown that fits you beautifully, regardless of the number on the label. Alterations will ensure the perfect fit.

8. Capture the Moment

Take photos and notes of the dresses you try on to help you remember and compare. However, remember that some boutiques have policies against photography, so ask for permission first.

9. Trust Your Instincts

While it’s important to consider the opinions of your loved ones, the most crucial feeling is your own. Choose a dress that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and, most importantly, like yourself.

10. Celebrate the Choice

Once you’ve found your dress, celebrate! This is a significant moment leading up to your wedding day. From here, you can coordinate accessories, shoes, and alterations as needed.

Choosing your wedding gown should be a cherished part of your wedding journey. Events by Natasha encourages every bride to embrace this experience, knowing that the perfect dress is out there waiting for you. With these tips, you’re well on your way to finding the gown that not only looks stunning but feels like a true reflection of you on your special day.