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Bad hair days are the worst beauty bummer of all. It is relatively easy to fix smudged makeup, but what about curly, flat, or flyaway hair? That’s a different story and something you want to avoid on your wedding day. Prepare yourself appropriately with these useful do’s and don’ts by the best London wedding planner.

Dos for Hair

Speak up

Bring your stylist a photo or sketch of your wedding dress, and tell them the style of the wedding and reception. It is a good idea to ask your stylist who will create looks that will fit with the overall style of your wedding.

Be open to suggestions

Consider trying a low, loose chignon, or clip-on hair extension, for example, if you want a cascade of waves. Just give it a try – you might be pleasantly surprised.

Take pictures as you go

During your trial, have a friend take pictures of all the options from all angles. Make sure you capture your hair from above, from the front, the profile, and even the back. During your big day, you will be photographed from all angles, so every side should be your “best side.”

Try out different hairstyles

It would help if you were given enough time to experiment with different hairstyles during the session. Would you mind bringing along a photo of your headpiece? We highly recommend booking your stylist three to five months before the wedding and having the trial between four and six weeks before the wedding.

Be sure to schedule your hair appointments with plenty of time to spare so no one will be “fashionably late.”

If you’re going to style your look on the day of the event, wear a shirt with a button-front. Thus, there will be no shirts pulling over your finished hairstyle when you change into your wedding gown.

Don’ts for Hair

Make sure your regular stylist isn’t your wedding stylist

There’s a good chance your regular hairdresser may not be that familiar with wedding hairstyles. Consult friends who recently got married for recommendations.

Hair language is not something to be assumed

Having images in front of your stylist will help them to identify what you want. There is no universal explanation for terms such as soft waves, sophisticated, big bun, and chic, therefore, comparing visuals is the most effective way of communication.

Tendrils should not be overloaded

Few flirty tendrils around your face are romantic if they are not too long and aren’t too numerous. But, on the other hand, having too much hair can cast an unflattering shadow on your pretty face.

Make sure you pay attention to your gown’s neckline

When selecting your hairstyle, keep in mind the shape of your gown’s top, whether it’s strapless, one-shoulder, or sweetheart.

Show your highlights, don’t hide them

A chunk of dark hair is revealed beneath highlighted hair when it is pinned up into an updo. If you intend to go for an upswept style, add extra highlights to the underlayers of your hair to break up the solid colour.