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Planning a wedding is not an easy task. You need to have researched the latest trends to ensure that your wedding will be the talk of every attendee. The trends range from style, décor, and a lot more. While many weddings are being postponed due to the global pandemic and others having to cut down on invite numbers, you can still have a small wedding that is filled with style. Here are a few trends of 2022 that will assist you in planning your small or big wedding.

Interactive Entertainment

Entertainment has always topped the list and has been a key focus for all weddings. It is not about the instruments and entertainers only. You can now add a string section to the band to enhance the depth of the music. A little pop boy music can also help to spice things up musically. You can go beyond what your guests are looking forward to like new surprise dancers to make the event colorful.

Alternative Florals

What is that you are used to in wedding? The same flower collection which certainly feels overdone. You can now try a few florals placed in different vessels to add both feel and texture. While flower shortage continues to hit the globe, you do not want to miss a colorful wedding.

Modern Etiquette

As years have continued to pass by, there has been the emergence of modern etiquette to ensure the occasion feels special. For example, people no longer call it a wedding party’ rather, a ‘bridal party. The essence of modern etiquette is to bring the intended parties together and to have a good time.

Multi-Generational and Multi-Day Experiences

Initially, the plan was to have a list of attendees with guests of honors available. Now, times have changed. The couple wants to make sure that everyone has a feel of their new stage in life. People are going on to plan an event with every member of the family having a day to celebrate with the couple before the day of the wedding.

Welcome Boxes

This is the newest trend! The essence of these boxes is to make sure that everything your guests will need is put in a personal box. In the past, guests have had to send for necessities but they can now be availed in these welcome boxes.

Intimate Weddings

There is no need to call your entire village and have them attend your wedding ceremonies. Times have continued t change and people now prefer to have intimate weddings of a few invites. Thanks to the internet, those not able to attend can now join online using zoom and other available options to feel part of the ceremony.

In conclusion, the wedding trends have not come to take away what weddings have been in the past. If anything, the trends are making everything better and fancier. If you are planning a wedding in the coming year, a few of the above-mentioned trends and others would be something you would want to put in place for your ceremony.