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A bridesmaid plays an integral part in any wedding. A beautiful gown, a bouquet, and posing pretty next to the bride are two of the many duties that a bridesmaid must fulfill. The bride’s most influential ladies play a significant role in every aspect of the wedding, from organizing the hen night to supervising the flower girls. Read the Events by Natasha guide on exactly what a bridesmaid does on and before your wedding day.

Bridesmaid Responsibilities

Bridesmaids are integral members of a bridal party who are expected to be involved from the very beginning. Their job is to help plan the wedding, organize the hen night, and support the bride in the months leading up to the big day. Here is a list of some of the essential bridesmaid duties.

Help with Wedding Planning

The planning of a wedding can be stressful, so both bride and groom may wish for assistance. The bride may ask her bridesmaids for advice regarding colour schemes, catering, and decorations. Getting in touch with vendors or obtaining items from shops may be necessary. Wedding planning will vary depending on the bride’s preferences. Ensure you communicate with other bridesmaids when necessary and ask the bride what she’d like from you as the bridesmaid.

Organize the Hen Night

Bridesmaids and the maid of honour are responsible for arranging hen night. Most brides do not plan their hen parties, although they may give you some hints about their preferences.

Get Ready with the Bride

The bridesmaids gather at the bride’s house the morning of the wedding. Then, in a group, everyone gets ready, and then everyone goes to the venue together. It’s typically the maid of honour’s job to assist with the bride’s outfit, hair, and makeup, but sometimes the other bridesmaids will help out too – even just fetching the bride a cup of tea from time to time. The young bridesmaids and flower girls may also be asked to help to depend on where the bridesmaids are getting ready.

Socialize with Guests

The wedding party is responsible for socializing with the guests after the ceremony and making them feel comfortable. For example, wedding breakfast seating is typically assigned to bridesmaids and groomsmen, and groomsmen often lead dancing.

Support the Bride

On the day of the wedding, a bridesmaid’s most crucial role is to support her and provide her with assistance as needed. If the bride’s dress is large or unwieldy, you may have to help her to the toilet. It is both the bridesmaids and the maid of honour who should be the first to intervene in case of an emergency or unforeseen situation, such as miscommunication with seating plans or ripped tights.

Assist with Clean-Up

Towards the end of the evening, when most of the guests have gone home, and the party’s over, the wedding party should assist the couple with the cleanup. Despite having clean floors, the venue may need assistance taking down decorations and tidying up. Bridesmaids may also need to take home the wedding gifts if the bride and groom are going on their honeymoon immediately. In addition, bridesmaids can help return items to suppliers if any items have been hired – such as tablecloths or chair covers.