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A Jewish wedding is an auspicious event that marks the union of two families. It is an occasion of immense joy and celebration, not only for the bride and groom, but also for their extended family and friends.  To ensure that this joyous occasion is a perfect one, it is essential to hire the services of an experienced wedding coordinator. An on-the-day Jewish wedding coordinator takes care of all the necessary duties during the wedding ceremony and reception. Let’s take a closer look at what these duties are.

For couples who are busy working professionals, the idea of devoting the time necessary to plan and execute a wedding event may seem impossible. Hiring a professional Jewish wedding coordinator can be a great way to ensure that all the details are handled professionally and efficiently so that you can enjoy the occasion instead of spending countless hours scouring the internet for decor ideas or sourcing vendors. Working with a dedicated professional means that you can save time, money and stress during the planning process and enjoy all the benefits of a professional event management service.

Organising the venue rooms

The first duty of an on-the-day Jewish wedding coordinator is to organise and coordinate the venue rooms.  They will be responsible for setting up the Chuppah, whether it’s decorated with flowers, crystals or lights.    There may also be specific parts of the room where large floral arrangements are to be placed.  The florist should already know where to place them, however the on the day coordinator will be there to reassure or confirm those chosen areas.  The chairs surrounding the Chuppah may be designed in a specific shape, either straight on or curved around the Chuppah for an intimate ceremony.  A lot of the time the coordinator will need to be involved in placing the chairs out, however if there is a specific chair hire company, often this comes with their service and the coordinator just needs to oversee them.

The dinner set up is also a key area for the on-the-day coordinator to be very involved with arranging table locations, ensuring table plans are followed through and making sure there is enough space between tables for the waiting staff to walk through safely with hot food and drinks.  They will also be responsible for laying out guest place cards, favours and any table stationery, such as menus.

The wedding coordinator should also work with the Rabbi to prepare for the ceremony itself, discussing which element of the ceremony will be included depending on how traditional the wedding will be, and how long the ceremony should last.

Attending to Guests

An on-the-day Jewish wedding coordinator will also attend to guests throughout the day, ensuring that they are comfortable, happy and enjoying themselves. They will often serve as a liaison between the happy couple and their families, assisting with any requests from either side. Coordinators will also be responsible for ensuring that seating arrangements are adhered to, directing guests to their seats and directing the guests to all the different ceremony sites if required.

Coordinating Vendors

The wedding coordinator will also be in charge of coordinating all vendors such as caterers, florists, DJs, wedding bands and the production team.  This means making sure that they arrive on time, have all their supplies ready, and that they coordinate with each other in terms of timing so that everything runs smoothly throughout the day. The coordinator will also be in charge of overseeing any final payments due to vendors and taking care of any issues or concerns which may arise.


One of the key tasks of an on-the-day Jewish wedding coordinator is troubleshooting. This involves being aware of any potential problems which may arise during the festivities and coming up with solutions. For example, if a guest has a complaint about food or drink served at the wedding, or if an item is missing from one of the decoration setups, the coordinator should be able to resolve these issues quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to everyone involved.

Overseeing Transportation

Another duty of an on-the-day Jewish wedding coordinator is overseeing any necessary transportation for guests or other vendors associated with the event. This may involve arranging for car hire or taxi services for those who require them or liaising with hotel staff if accommodation has been provided to guests travelling from another town or city. It is important that all necessary arrangements are taken care of before the big day in order to eliminate any last-minute stresses.

Handling Decorations & Gifts

As well as organising decorations such as flowers, plants and candles, an on-the-day Jewish wedding coordinator will also handle any gifts which are distributed at the end of the day such as candy boxes, chocolates or small tokens of appreciation for guests who attended. They will also be responsible for making sure they are properly displayed and distributed at appropriate times during the festivities.

End of event checks

An on-the-day Jewish wedding coordinator will be there till the end of the wedding to gather any of the bride and groom’s belongings, check to see if there are any items left behind by guests or vendors that need to be returned to their original owners, collecting decoration items used during the wedding.

To summarise

An on-the-day Jewish wedding coordinator is a very important part of both planning a successful wedding day as well as ensuring its smooth operation on the actual day itself. From managing vendor logistics to troubleshooting potential problems and coordinating transportation arrangements, these professionals ensure that everything runs perfectly so that everyone can enjoy a stress-free celebration!

By enlisting the services of a professional Jewish wedding coordinator, you will be able to ensure that all the details of your special day are handled expertly and efficiently so that you can relax and enjoy your day of dreams.  The day should be memorable for all the right reasons and memories will not be tainted by any stress or worry over details.  Instead, you can be confident that everything is perfectly in place and will run smoothly, and when the day is done, you can rest assured that the coordinator will take the burden of any on the day stress away for you and your families.  So go ahead and trust the task of making your wedding day perfect to the hands of a professional Jewish wedding coordinator – you deserve it!